About Me

I’m a 33 year old systems/network administrator for a growing software company in western Kentucky.  I used to do technical consulting (which is just a glorified name for a computer repair guy) for area businesses, but was starting to suffer from severe burnout after almost two years.

I’m obviously a computer geek, but I love outdoors activities such as hiking and fishing.  I’m also a ferocious video gamer.  I love to read, practice martial arts, I love writing when I catch a creative streak, and I’ve started taking a passing interest in photography.  I really have too many interests to talk about all at once.

I’ve got a lovely, wonderful wife to whom I’m hopelessly devoted.

I started this blog originally as a place to document my daily adventures in system administration, but chances are you’re going to find a wide range of things here from rants, funny stuff I want to share, my points of view and opinions on lots of topics, and of course stuff I’m interested in. Being a lazy admin, I’ll also try to share shortcuts and hacks I’ve either created or stumbled upon across the ‘net.  So, if you have any insight about discussion topics, any hints you want to share with me, or anything else intellectually stimulating or interesting to you (notice, I want to know what *you* are interested in) then leave me comments or email!


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