Posted by: The Lazy Admin | April 28, 2010

Sign of a Generation?

I had a moment of reflection and thought for a moment about the years following my birth into the electronic generation of the 80’s-90’s. Is it really a sign of something bigger when people have more memories of chat text on a screen or interface behind a keyboard, or of more conversations and ideas passed through reading it in an IRC chat room than by live social interaction?

I thought of my years between 16 and 18, and then between 19 and 22. I have no tangible memories I can associate with those periods of my life that don’t involve interacting with someone only through a computer.




  1. Ahh, those late nights on Telex connected up at 4800 baud…

    You certainly have a point, though. It’s staggering to think of the number of relationships that have been initiated or ended via IM, texting, Twitter, Facebook, or whatever. It has never about the medium, but the message.

    What makes it startling, though, is just how impersonal it has become. It’s so much easier to break off a relationship with a line of text than it is a real person. I guess that’s all a symptom of this generation’s “hook-up”culture.

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