Posted by: The Lazy Admin | May 1, 2008

Gearing Up

Continuing with my renewed motivation to continue my karate training, I put down the money to order some quality sparring gear today. I found a great website with a HUGE selection of equipment for martial artists called Karate Depot ( The website’s clean and the prices are pretty sweet too. I got a set of ProForce Lightning sparring gear which includes the head, hand, and foot protectors.

sparring gear sets at

Shipping was only $2.95 on the whole thing too. I figure it’ll take about a week to get ’em, and then I’ll be ready, hopefully, for sparring next Thursday. I’m starting to remember my katas, but my muscles are having a tough time. It’s amazing how doing an activity like karate can show me where the weaknesses in my exercises are located. Even though I’ve been lifting weights and doing lots of moderate to high intensity cardio workouts, I’m really sore after Tuesday’s class in places that really surprised me. I’m glad I’ve been doing the cardio though, because without it I’d have been a complete wreck.


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