Posted by: The Lazy Admin | April 3, 2008

Pain is My Friend

I’ve always had an avoidant nature when it comes to pain.  It’s a pretty natural thing to want to avoid things that make you feel miserable.  However, I’m finding that the muscle soreness that I’m getting after doing my push-ups and sit-ups is most welcomed.  It means that what I’m doing is working, and the muscle is going to be rebuilt a little bit stronger than it was before.  In other news, it looks like I may have met my goal for this week of my new lifestyle.  I wanted to at least lose one pound while still keeping a high diet, and my weight has not spiked upwards all week.  The eating constantly and eating cleaner foods looks like it really is making an impact.

In work news, we got our new file server in so it looks like I’ll be setting up Linux and some Samba shares on it probably today sometime.  Fun!  I’ve only set Samba up once or twice, so it’ll be a good learning experience.  I’ve never had it authenticate with Active Directory either, so if I learn anything new in this whole process perhaps I’ll post it here.  Maybe some newbie like me will stumble across it and find some good information that’ll hopefully point them in the right direction if they’re having problems.


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