Posted by: The Lazy Admin | March 24, 2008

Confining the Laziness to Administration

I used to be moderately active, and definitely fit.  I’ve seen pictures of myself in the first and second year of college, and I was a skinny little geeky guy.  In the past seven years though I’ve managed to plump up somewhat.  I’ve gone from a then healthy 150lbs to about 200lbs at the moment.  I’ve got a definitive gut now that’s been slowly fighting for control of my body.  This is in no doubt partially responsible from the overactive work lifestyle I maintained as a technology consultant (i.e. computer guy) and my diet was mostly fast food.  I drink too many sodas, and rarely exercised.  I used to do Shotokan karate, which helped stave off the impending crash my body was to take, but other life factors eventually lead me to abandon my karate and thus the pounds began to pile on.

My girlfriend’s been wanting a gym partner, and I’ve been wanting a gym partner for quite some time too.  My best friend used to go to karate with me, but he didn’t have much confidence in his abilities so he soon abandoned the classes not long after reaching his yellow belt.  I’ve been running with one of my other friends, but that also soon fell by the wayside as he no longer went running.  So I’ve realized that my motivation for fitness has got to come from myself, and the ever-increasing gut I’m taking on is becoming more than enough motivation.  The question is, how far am I willing to push myself to get rid of this, get as fit as I want to be, and reach my personal goals?

I found an article on Men’s Fitness about a man name Adam Waters.  He posted daily pictures of himself for public scrutiny to his blog and on fitness forums as self-motivation and external accountability, and started a 12 week journey of pain and discipline that resulted in him turning his flabby body, in which his June 2003 pictures look much like my own body right now, into a lean and muscular physique that most guys would be proud to have.  It’s been inspirational, but honestly I don’t know how to eat healthy.  I need to sit down and start formulating a plan if I want to follow in this guy’s footsteps.  I’m not even sure I can put forth the dedication this man did.  I know how painful even moderate exertion is on my muscles these days.  I’ll be stiff and sore from doing just a little heavy lifting.  I couldn’t imagine working out hardcore six days a week, through the soreness and all.

I know I need this though.  I need to kick my own ass and just do this.  I’ve wanted it a long time, and I finally have the courage, I think, to take that first step on the long, hard journey to getting my body back. I’ll still be a lazy admin though.  No worries. I’m waiting for my health insurance to kick in though.  I’m going to get a physical, and be thoroughly inspected before I start punishing my body for its impudence.  I’d hate to make a huge fight to get healthy only to have it kill me. The plus side to getting fit again would be I could jump back into my karate and continue my training.


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